January 31, 2006

Cancun Episode 7


Tubby Daniels (with the pillow in front of his face) is our guest co-host this episode. We discuss in this episode a trip we took to Cancun, which was almost a Spring Break for adults.

One type of club hopping tour picks you up at your hotel in this crazy bus. The package includes bar hopping to three clubs, the cover charges, and all you can drink. The really crazy part is that it does NOT include a ride BACK to your hotel. Sounds kind of shady. "Lets get the tourists drunk and then we can get their money."

Our dear friend(Ronnie) here had a bit too much of a good time. We caught Tubby on camera messing with the poor guy while he was passed out.

Show notes:

Cancun Message Boards
Vacation Express

Website of the Week: TripAdvisor.com

Travel Product Review: Funky Diva Travel Tote at FredaLA.com

Podcast Promo: New Music Lab

Music for this episode provided by the PodSafe Music Network. Please support the artists by purchasing their CDs.


Luis Claudio - He's actually Brazilian, so I guess he is singing in Portuguese instead of Spanish, but the song is classified as Latin.

m7 - Japanese musicians with a Latin beat. Band name is pronounced EM NANA.

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January 27, 2006

The Beverly Hilton

The Beverly Hilton used to have rooms that look like this:

Now they look like this:

Pretty good update to the guest rooms, if I must say so myself. The Beverly Hilton is celebrating more than 50 years of accommodating celebrities and everyday people. Good job.

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January 24, 2006

Moab, UT Episode 6

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Moab, Utah is one of my favorite places. The landscape and scenery is so diverse, with petrified sand dunes, red rock canyons, and green fields at ranches. In this episode, Shannon reminesces a three day visit while enjoying a glass of Castle Creek Winery's Lily Rose White blend. She records live from the back of a Hummer overlooking a canyon and she interviews a local music expert.

Show notes: DiscoverMoab.com
Show Intro
Shannon speaks about her itinerary
Interview with Sarah Naimark from TangoDiva.com in the back of a Hummer by High Point Hummer Tours
Music Selection by Retroglyph
Interview with Ted Draper of Retroglyph/ Hound Dog Sound
Closing Comments by Shannon
Music Selection by StoneFed
Special thanks to the Moab Visitors Council, Best Western Greenwell Inn, Salmon Air, and many others for making this episode possible.

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January 18, 2006

Castle Creek Winery in Moab

This week, I am in Moab, UT researching adventure and epicurian delights. This is just one of the many hidden gems I discovered while perusing the area. I couldn't wait until this week's show to tell all about it.
Castle Creek Winery located on-site at Red Cliffs Lodge in Moab, UT is my new love. I sampled the wines and found that my favorite bottle was Lily Rose White, a blend of their Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc.

The flavor of this white wine was light and fragrant, with a hint of apple. It left no aftertaste and is just wonderful. I was given a tour of the winery by Will Fryer, son of the owner, Colin Fryer. Will is a man of few words, but he has been trained by Californian vintners, which attributes to his wonderful knowledge of the winery business, not to mention his discerning palate.

Colin Fryer said that this was not just a job, but his dream. I could tell by the sparkle in his blue eyes that this man has put his heart and soul into Red Cliffs Lodge and Castle Creek Winery. Mr. Fryer is an asset to the community of Moab, UT. He not only assists in promoting the adventure of the destination, but he brings class to the area. I guess one could call him a classy cowboy. I think he's just downright fabulous.
Red Cliffs Lodge serves as the perfect setting for partaking of this wonderful and delightful libation. Castle Creek Wines and Red Cliffs Lodge are the perfect marriage of classy rustication and adventure for both the soul and the tastebuds.

Check back soon for the next episode of PodTrippin. Right now I'm on the road, trippin with my iPod.

Click Here for more information on Red Cliffs Lodge and Castle Creek Winery.

January 15, 2006

Sundance and Park City, UT


In this episode, Shannon discusses a visit to Park City, UT. She suggests places to visit, eat, and sleep during the Sundance Film Festival or any time of the year.

Episode 5 Show Notes:

Park City Official Information


The Beverly Hilton

Philip Stein Teslar Watches

Oprah Show

Sundance Film Festival

Show Promo: Cheap Seats Radio

Music: Provided by The Podsafe Music Network

Edie Carey

Valley Lodge

Incidental Fusion

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January 09, 2006

LeConte Lodge


Show notes:

Shannon and Kaye discuss an overnight hike to Leconte Lodge in the Smoky Mountain National Park. Afterwords, they treat themselves to an outstanding meal at Foothills Milling Company in Sevierville, TN.

Guest: Kaye Hurst

Music: Provided by the Podsafe Music Network

1. Yellow-haired Girl by the Dixie Bee-Liners
2. We'll Be Alright by Collin Raye
3. Sun Again will Shine by SlackString

Lodging Options Discussed:

Leconte Lodge - www.lecontelodge.com
The Swagg Inn -www.theswag.com

Foothills Milling Company - Chef, Bart Vaughan

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January 07, 2006


PodTrippin FAQs

I’m embarrassed to ask this, but what is a Podcast?

Look, I’m old-school too, so don’t feel bad. Not too long ago, I asked this same question. Now, your baby-boomer coworkers will think you are super-smart for knowing about this before them.

The following information is from Wikipedia.

Podcasting, created by former MTV VJ Adam Curry, is a term that was devised as a crisp way to describe the technology used to push audio content from websites down to consumers of that content, who typically listen to it on their iPod (hence the "pod") or other audio player that supports mp3 at their convenience. The term podcasting is meant to rhyme with broadcasting and is a derivative of the iPod platform. While not directly associated with Apples iPod device or iTunes music service, the company did contribute both the desire and the technology for this capability. Podcasting is not unlike time-shifted video software and devices like TiVo, which let you watch what you want when you want by recording and storing video, except that podcasting is used for audio and is currently free of charge. Note, however, that this technology can be used to push any kind of file, including software updates, pictures, and videos.

Podcasting uses an XML-based technology called RSS, or Really Simple Syndication. Content publishers describe new content in an XML RSS file which includes dates, titles, descriptions, and links to MP3 files. This auto-generated file is called an RSS feed. The key to making podcasting work with RSS is enclosures, a feature supported by RSS 2.0.

What makes podcasting special is that it allows individuals to publish (podcast) radioshows, that interested listeners can subscribe to. Before podcasting you could of course record a radio show and put it on your website, but now people can automatically receive new shows, without having to go to a specific site and download it from there.
Related Terms: podcast, podcaster, broadcatching, podcatching

How do I subscribe to PodTrippin?

Subscribe to PodTrippin so that you don’t ever miss an episode. Its free and an almost painless process. This is our site feed:


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So, if you happen to have itunes, go to Advanced>Subscribe and insert the feed address we just provided. iTunes will then ping this feed and download a list of shows for PodTrippin. Now, you can officially call yourself a PodTripper!

Do I have to own an iPod to listen to PodTrippin?

No, you do not need to own an iPod or any other portable mp3 player. You can listen to it on your personal computer.

When will new episodes be available?

PodTrippin will try and post a new show at least once a week. Please remember that we are new to this.

How can I get in touch with you?

Our email address is PodTrippin at aol dot com. Send us your emails and we just may be reading it on our next show. If your travel story is funny enough, we may even ask you to be a guest on our show!

I want a PodTrippin t-shirt, where can I buy one?

In the very near future, you will be able to purchase logo shirts with funny quotes.

Shannon, you are so cool. How can I be a podcast host like you?

Well, you sure have set your goals high. Don’t worry, you can always aspire to be the best (hehe).
Seriously, being a podcast host isn’t too hard. You simply record what you want to say into your computer’s microphone, edit it with Audacity (free program), and post it on a hosting site like Libsyn.com. You can even add music from new musicians at music.podshow.com. Its that simple.

If you do produce your own show, please let us know so we can add your link to our site.

This Post is for Odeo ; )

Listen to Louisiana Blues Episode

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Ok, so I had to make a post for Odeo to recognize my show. I thought that I would post my ulterior motive for PodTrippin.....TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD. Booooohahhahahaha.

As you can see by this photo, I have the Governator and W standing by my side. They seemed a bit stiff at the time.

January 05, 2006



In this episode, we visit Yellowstone National Park and experience its mystery and spirit.

To book lodging, go to


To plan a Lodging and Learning experience or to purchase Weaver of Dreams, go to


Learn more about Composer Jett Hitt, his music, and his love of horses at:


For more information about Yellowstone and other national parks, go to


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January 04, 2006


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January 03, 2006

Episode 2 Huntsville and Robbitinis


We spent New Year's Eve in Alabama and enjoyed libations from the local establishment. For more information on what to do while in Huntsville, AL, visit Huntsville.org.

Below are recipes.

Tequila Cookies:
1 cup dark brown sugar 1 cup(2 sticks) butter
1 cup of granulated sugar 4 large eggs
2 cups of dried fruit 1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt 1 tsp fresh lemon juice
1 cup chopped nuts 2 cups all purpose flour
1 bottle Jose Cuervo Tequila
Listen to podcast for instructions on how to make.

1 shot Orange Vodka
1 shot Triple Sec
1 shot Cranberry Juice
1 splash of Sprite/7-up Shake
Pour into Martini glass squeeze lime and garnish Enjoy!

Music Featured on this episode:
Fly Fly Fly by Adrina Thorpe
On Adrina Thorpe's debut album "elusive," delicate piano melodies & lush vocals weave in & out of each other, drifting amid the punchy bass & drum lines.
A must have album available NOW at adrinathorpe.com, i-tunes & mp3tunes.com. Enter to Win a free album by signing up for Adrina's newsletter!

New Song of The Gypsy by Jim Fidler
From his days as founder of "PRESSURE DROP", Newfoundland's 1st and most prominent Reggae group, Jim Fidler has enjoyed a widely respected career as both a recording artist and a record producer. - A stalwart of the Newfoundland music scene.

special thanks to Podcast Themes for our opening.

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Episode 1 Louisiana Blues


This first episode is dedicated to all those affected by Hurricane Katrina (us!). Bringing tourists and visitors back into New Orleans is our goal, despite Tubby's comments. If you are considering visiting the Big Easy, you can find out what businesses are open at www.neworleansonline.com

Featured music provided by music.podshow.com
The Getaway by Fenton Robinson www.alligatorrecords.com
Soul Travelling by Stingray www.stingrayonline.com
Reach Out by Beatrice Ericson www.beatriceericson.com
Freedom for my Soul by Mark Harold www.markharold.com
Heartless by Michael Burks www.alligatorrecords.com

Special thanks to PodCast Themes for the opening.

This is our first episode. Please comment on how we can make this show better for our listeners. Thanks for listening!

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