January 31, 2006

Cancun Episode 7


Tubby Daniels (with the pillow in front of his face) is our guest co-host this episode. We discuss in this episode a trip we took to Cancun, which was almost a Spring Break for adults.

One type of club hopping tour picks you up at your hotel in this crazy bus. The package includes bar hopping to three clubs, the cover charges, and all you can drink. The really crazy part is that it does NOT include a ride BACK to your hotel. Sounds kind of shady. "Lets get the tourists drunk and then we can get their money."

Our dear friend(Ronnie) here had a bit too much of a good time. We caught Tubby on camera messing with the poor guy while he was passed out.

Show notes:

Cancun Message Boards
Vacation Express

Website of the Week: TripAdvisor.com

Travel Product Review: Funky Diva Travel Tote at FredaLA.com

Podcast Promo: New Music Lab

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Luis Claudio - He's actually Brazilian, so I guess he is singing in Portuguese instead of Spanish, but the song is classified as Latin.

m7 - Japanese musicians with a Latin beat. Band name is pronounced EM NANA.

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Blogger Mark@m7 said...

Hi! I'm Mark from "m7". Our Homepage is not "m-7.net" but "m7-net.com". Thank You.

10:42 AM  
Blogger PodTrippin said...

Hi Mark. Sorry ;)

I have no idea what the words in your song meant, but I sure did like the music.

1:28 PM  

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